The Green Directory on Sailing Networks

The Green Directory

Hosted by Sailing Networks in partnership with The Green Blue, The Green Directory is the UK’s only independent on line resource for the UK marine leisure sector. If your company has a ‘green’ marine product or service, submit via the Products section of your Directory entry to get it listed for free.


  • It is the only directory offering a free listing for environmentally friendly alternative products and services specifically for the marine sector.
  • It can help you to attract new customers who prefer businesses offering green products to meet their boating needs and their desire to make their boating experience more sustainable.
  • Hosted by Sailing Networks, exposing you to thousands of individual boaters and boating businesses every day, in the UK and around the World.
  • The opportunity to use The Green Directory Listed Product logo as a hyperlink to promote your product on your website and The Marine Directory will drive extra traffic and potential new business between your listings and your company website.
  • The Green Blue – as an established joint BMF and RYA environment programme – is a well-known and credible brand; visitors to The Green Directory know that the products will meet their green boating needs.
  • The Green Blue actively promotes The Green Directory to the RYA membership of over 100,000 individual boaters and the wider boating public as the one stop shop for green alternatives.
  • The Green Blue actively promotes The Green Directory to BMF members and the business sector at large, encouraging B2B take up of listed products and services.

A better environment for all

  • Sustainable

  • Innovative

  • Simple

  • Responsible